CFeMmy 2007 Voting Opens

Todd Sharp announced the opening of voting for this years CFeMmy's. The categories for this years CFeMmys in no particular order are:

  • Best Aggregator
  • Best Blog
  • Best Reference Web Site (Site that teaches or provides documentation)
  • Best Community Site (Site that provides info or resources to developers)
  • Best OS Project (Built in CF)
  • Best Commercial App (Built in CF)
  • Best CF Host
  • Best Newcomer (CF Blog that started in 2007)

I also noticed that I happen to have been nominated for the category "Best Newcomer (CF Blog that started in 2007)".

Thanks to whomever nominated me :).

Now that the voting is open please head over to the voting booths and vote for me!

Happy Coding...

1 Comments to "CFeMmy 2007 Voting Opens"- Add Yours
Vallee's Gravatar Ola, eu gostaria muito de agradecer ao autor para este artigo. Este artigo foi muito informativa para mim. Alem disso, o autor gostaria continuo sucesso e prosperidade. E esta e cada recurso extraordinario desenvolvimento.
# Posted By Vallee | 3/21/08 7:10 PM

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