Linux Flex Builder Alpha 2

Linux heads can now download and try out the new Alpha of Flex Builder for Linux on Labs. I think it's great that Adobe is not leaving the Linux folks out in the cold, I can definitely see why they are leaving them to last as their market share is relatively low.

What is unfortunate is the rather large list of unsupported features in the Alpha 2 release.

Unsupported Features

  • Design view
  • States view
  • Refactoring
  • AIR support
  • Data Wizards
  • Cold Fusion - Data Services Wizard
  • Web Services introspection
  • Profiler

I hate to say this but why bother? I mean in my opinion Flex Builder IS supposed to be a BUILDER, that means I should be able to design my UI and see what it's supposed to look like, without that it's basically just bare bones Eclipse.

I know it's only an Alpha 2 version but as I said before I think Design view is a major feature of the Builder.

But I will leave it up to the Linux folks to make enough noise to steer future development.

Happy Coding...

2 Comments to "Linux Flex Builder Alpha 2"- Add Yours
Igor Varga's Gravatar With all this unsupported features, Adobe Labs should rename this project to Linux Flex Syntax Highlighter Alpha 2
# Posted By Igor Varga | 12/20/07 6:31 AM
Anon's Gravatar I has it's uses. Syntax highlighting, code completeion, help and the debugger. Even so, I prefer to use KDevelop and the free command line tools.

It's not a matter of cost. I just greatly dislike Eclipse.
# Posted By Anon | 12/20/07 12:32 PM

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