Coldfusion 8 and Java 6 issues

Sean Corfield posted an article Java 6 and ColdFusion 8 on December 5th that I feel deserves a "bump", along with this post over at Compound Theory.

As the articles state there seems to be a bug in Java 1.6 that causes Coldfusion application start-up times to suffer horribly. Apparently the bug is only in Java 1.6 and affects the class loader. This won't affect your overall application performance (once the application is fully loaded) but when start your application up you will have some serious time delays.

If you are experiencing slow start-up times with your applications the suggestion is to move your CF8 server from Java 1.6 to Java 1.5 until Sun publishes a patch or a new version.

It's relatively simple to change which version of Java Coldfusion uses. You just need to edit the jvm.config file and point java.home to the new java location on your server. The jvm.config file should be found in the "runtime\bin" directory. Once you have completed the change you will need to restart the server in order for the changes to take.

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