When It just Works

Yesterday I spent a bit of time setting up my home machine with Apache, Railo and Resin (I have my PC at work similarly set up but hadn't set up my home machine yet). I have to say that I really like the set-up and by following a few tips by Gert Franz I think I have a pretty good set up that I can move into a production server environment.

I decided the first thing that I would do as a compatibility test is upgrade my local instance of BlogCFC. I downloaded the kept my old layout and config files, created the datasource in my web context to point to my live DB and the fired up my browser.

It just worked!

Yep that's right it just worked without a single problem, well it did look a little funny since I left debugging on but once I turned debugging off it looked and worked exactly as expected.

I love it when things just work.

Nice one Ray, even though you say it's not officially supported.

Happy Coding...

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Chris's Gravatar Did Coldfish work in your BlogCFC install on Railo?
# Posted By Chris | 11/7/08 10:44 AM
Gary's Gravatar Let me get back to you on that one, I never looked at an entry that had code in it.
# Posted By Gary | 11/7/08 11:29 AM
Chris's Gravatar Great, thanks Gary.
# Posted By Chris | 11/7/08 1:02 PM
Gary Gilbert's Gravatar Hi Chris,

Sorry took so long to get back to you. Coldfish does not work on Railo 3.

I will be investigating the problem and perhaps come up with a solution :)
# Posted By Gary Gilbert | 11/11/08 2:53 AM
Chris's Gravatar Gary,

Glad it wasn't just me. I will post any solutions I have too. What I did for now is edit the code so it ignores the <code></code>.
# Posted By Chris | 11/11/08 8:13 AM
Gary's Gravatar Ack,

Can't live without my code block!
# Posted By Gary | 11/11/08 8:18 AM
Chris's Gravatar I know, I know. Me either. But if I live it in, it throws a HUGE error. :(
# Posted By Chris | 11/11/08 8:20 AM

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