Adobe Cocomo

Released yesterday on Adobe Labs is a Platform as a Service codenamed "Cocomo", which is set to provide Flex developers with the ability to add realtime social capabilities to their Rich Internet Applications.

Cocomo will contain both flex based components as well as hosted services infrastructure allowing developers to create real-time multi-user applications.

Some Cocomo features:

  • VoIP Audio
  • Webcam Video
  • Chat
  • Multi-User Whiteboards
  • Real-Time File Sharing
  • User Management
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Robust Data Messaging

Happy Coding...

2 Comments to "Adobe Cocomo"- Add Yours
John laPlante's Gravatar This sounds like Adobe is hosting flash media server and providing some widgets to use it. When I first heard about their cloud initiative, I thought it would be hosting service that would scale and application.
# Posted By John laPlante | 11/18/08 1:41 PM
European Directory's Gravatar Adobe is stepping up there game.nice!
# Posted By European Directory | 4/26/09 6:50 AM

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