Obama Wins Making History

I believe in the Separation of Politics and Technology so don't typically use my blog as a political forum but thought that in this case, with this historical achievement, I would at least congratulate the majority of the USA on making the right choice.

Though the choice, to me, was quite clear, I wondered if the deep seated bigotry that we so often see and hear would be defeated inside the voting booth where no one can see.

It is quite clear after last night that Mr. Obama has managed to strike the right cord in the right number of people. I just hope those that appose him as president graciously accept the voice of the majority and simply plan for the next elections and not the extreme.

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Nick Collins's Gravatar I agree that Mr. Obama's election was a historic achievement, and that the racial lines which have divided us as a nation in the past were further eroded. That is truly something to be celebrated. However, that reason alone does not necessarily make him the right decision. I think that that distinction remains to be seen as to what good he is actually able to accomplish when in office. Words and promises are one thing, following through with action is another.
# Posted By Nick Collins | 11/5/08 9:44 AM
Jeff's Gravatar "I just hope those that appose him as president graciously accept the voice of the majority and simply plan for the next elections and not the extreme."

Hopefully they handle loss much better than those that opposed Bush in 2000.
# Posted By Jeff | 11/5/08 10:07 AM
Gary's Gravatar Clearly the "right decision" is my own opinion. The presidential elections are a test of ones character and that persons ability to convince the majority of the population that he/she can and will follow through on "some" of his campaign promises. History will tell us to what degree Mr. Obama was able to keep his election promises and whether or not he was able to turn the USA around or dig it further into the hole it currently is in.

In the end it doesn't matter who you voted for a politician always wins.
# Posted By Gary | 11/5/08 11:56 AM
Gary's Gravatar The 2000 elections are not a good example to use, I think if the USA had election observers at the polling stations in Florida I think they would have found some serious "inconsistencies"

When it comes down to a single state and so many voting problems I think it was fair to make such a big deal however badly that played out for the USA on the international arena.
# Posted By Gary | 11/5/08 12:02 PM
jeff's Gravatar Agree with Nick. Historic indeed. The "Right Choice" is yet to be seen since the majority of American don't have any idea what they chose other than "Change". He's clearly an intelligent man who inspires passion with his polished speaking. Beyond that, I'm not sure what we've got (Does anybody?). Will he be the president he campaigned as (uniter, above partisan politics) or the president that reflects his Senate voting record (divisive, completely partisan and the most liberal of all 100 Senators). I know what I'm hoping for, and I'm willing to give him that chance because I believe in the system that elected him.
# Posted By jeff | 11/5/08 4:27 PM
leigh's Gravatar "However, that reason alone does not necessarily make him the right decision."

No one said it does. Just as no one said McCain was qualified because he is caucasian, or Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton were qualified to enter the race because they are women. To suggest otherwise insults everyone. Perhaps it is easier for some to focus on race so they don't have to discuss their real concerns. Such as they are disappointed that Obama won because they do not share some of his political views or that they are concerned about his plans for their futures. Especially in these uncertain times.

Yes, it was an achievement. But an even greater achievement was running a successful campaign and winning, over two very strong opponents. By continuing to focus on race first, and only race, diminishes that achievement. Not to mention it effectively negates any supposed gains we claim to have made in the area of race relations. Think about it. If McCain had won, would we be refering to him as the "Oldest caucasian candidate ever elected in American history", and congratulating him on speaking quite well for someone of his advanced age ;-) ?

Obama ran. He was elected (.. and oh yeah, incidentally he is also African American )

@Gary - Sorry for taking a serious tone on your rare political entry, but I really felt this aspect warranted commented.
# Posted By leigh | 11/5/08 9:59 PM
leigh's Gravatar > commented

* comment
# Posted By leigh | 11/5/08 10:01 PM
Gary's Gravatar I just have one last thing to say on this subject. Please see the following "news" article.

# Posted By Gary | 11/7/08 7:39 AM

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