Munich CFUG Meeting

I am attending the first Munich CFUG meeting of 2008 on Wednesday 12 March at 18:00. The company I work for has graciously donated space to hold the meeting.

The focus will be on Flex/AIR with CF as the natural choice for the backend. Christoph Schmitz has promised some Adobe sponsored give-aways, and I have promised to present a "proof of concept" AIR Application written in HTML/Ajax that connects to a backend system written in Coldfusion.

I haven't quite decided yet if I should attempt to give the presentation in German or stick to what I know best, English. The good thing is of course that the Germans us 90% English IT terminology so I should be good-to-go in that regard should I decide to give it a try in German.

I hope this CFUG meeting will be the start of something somewhat regular where we can get together and exchange ideas. Actually now that I think of it this will be my first ever CFUG meeting.

"Hi, My name is Gary and I am a CF Junky"

Happy Coding...

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Big Mad Kev's Gravatar Hi Gary,

Long time no chat form Max :) (The Scotch on the Rocks Boys)

Can you drop me a quick line mate ;)


All he Best
# Posted By Big Mad Kev | 3/11/08 5:45 PM
Christoph Schmitz's Gravatar Just wanted to say that Gary did a great job in presenting his app in... let's call it Denglish. ;-)

Gary, I'll take you up on it and hope to see you at future meetings, too. ;-)


# Posted By Christoph Schmitz | 3/13/08 8:37 AM
Big Mad Kev's Gravatar I hope there was a mention of some Scotch too ;)
# Posted By Big Mad Kev | 3/13/08 10:11 AM
Gary Gilbert's Gravatar Yes there was definitely more than just a mention of SOTR. Chris Schmitz said something to the effect and I loosely translate from German into English "If you are going to go to one convention this year make it Scotch On The Rocks! It is THE CF convention to go to"
# Posted By Gary Gilbert | 3/13/08 10:44 AM

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