Flex 3 Training from the Source

I've been thinking of buying the Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source book but naturally there isn't any user reviews yet.

Has anyone bought the book yet? If so what are you thoughts on the content is it worth $60? I planned on buying the book as a supplement in my studies towards the Flex Certification.

Thanks for your comments.

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Greg's Gravatar I solely used Adobe's documentation to prepare and pass the Flex 2 Certification Exam. I put a short post up at http://blog.smartlogicsolutions.com/2007/05/20/cer... when I passed listing the materials I used.
# Posted By Greg | 3/20/08 8:05 AM
Raul Riera's Gravatar The book is not out yet, that may be the cause no1 has bought it :P
# Posted By Raul Riera | 3/20/08 11:05 AM
Gary's Gravatar Uh Yeah Thanks Raul LOL...doh! Would have helped if I read the whole thing, I just automatically assumed that if it was showing up on amazon it was available...

I guess the question should be then was the Flex 2 training from the source book worth the rice tag?
# Posted By Gary | 3/20/08 3:06 PM
Jonathan's Gravatar our Flex guru here at work swears by the Flex 2 training from the source book. he said it was the best book he could find for learning flex. so that is good enough for me. I have the rough cuts of the new one flex 3 training from the source and I can say it is really awesome! I would definitely pick it up!
# Posted By Jonathan | 3/21/08 2:44 PM

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