Google Maps Flash API - Developer mode

I decided to start playing around with the "not so new" Google Maps Flash API. I downloaded the SDK, got my API Key and set up a simple "Hello World" type example.

Everything worked as I expected it to, the map came up but with "debug mode" overlays, but unfortunately thats about as far as I got. I wanted to play around with the geocoding service (send an address get lat/long back). There is a simple example of doing just this on Google's site.

I took the source, added my API key and pressed play on Flex builder. Again the map displayed with big red "debug mode" overlays. I Entered an address in the little box and pressed the little search button. "Geocoding Failed". Strange, I thought, did I do something wrong, copy/paste failure?

I then ran the code in the debugger and and checked the trace of the geocode response. 610 was the returned status. After a brief search I discovered 610 means "Bad API Key".

Thats kind of a misdirection since I just got my API key, problem is that when you sign-up for your API key you have to give your domain "". I happen to be testing from my home machine, not directly on my domain. I am guessing that if your request doesn't come from your domain google sends the 610 status back.

The map displays with "debug mode" scrawled all over the place, which is fine since I am in fact debugging, but why not allow the geocoding service to respond as well?

I'm guessing it's to prevent overloading the service since there isn't any way to show on the map that the coordinates are in "debug-mode" except to decrease the accuracy... So now I am going to have to upload my swf to my server to see if what I have actually works with my API. Not too dramatic but still a little bit of a pain.

The good thing about the google api is that they don't set a limit on the number of requests like yahoo does. But does yahoo's geocoding API also restrict by where the request is coming from?

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Johan's Gravatar I had the debug mode when developing on localhost/ - I just generated a second key for localhost/ and that solved it.
# Posted By Johan | 7/14/08 3:22 AM
Gary's Gravatar You're kidding! That actually worked! I didn't even bother to try that, figured it wouldn never work.

Thanks Johan will generate a new key and get back to work
# Posted By Gary | 7/14/08 3:28 AM
Marten's Gravatar Sollution with the key works perfect! Thanks a lot.
# Posted By Marten | 9/22/08 9:00 AM

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