Getting Started with Flex 3

If you never got a chance to get you free copy courtesy of Adobe don't sweat it

you can still download it directly from the developer center website (or simply follow the download link).

I recently got the "Training from the Source" book and unfortunately haven't really had time to sit down and go through it in fine detail. I did skim over it and notice that it's neatly separated into lessons and has a clear feeling of progressing from the basics to the more advanced features, as one would expect from a training manual.

The getting started book should give you a good kick start on your way, however, for more detailed explanations and examples though I would recommend getting the training from the source book.

Happy Coding...

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Elegance in Design's Gravatar I recently began a project with a Flex developer who's developing a desktop application using AIR. This is all relatively new to me, but so far what I've seen has been stellar. Great platfrom!
# Posted By Elegance in Design | 8/27/08 2:53 PM

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