Coldfusion VS Flex

This is a war between Titans; a victory that no single battle can determine. Skirmishes, gorilla tactics, battles of wits, and talking smack are a part of this war, and sometimes it even gets downright nasty!

Thats right our foosball table got a make over, the players got new jerseys and now we have a real reason to play dirty! It may not be the best table money can buy but at Marit AG it gets daily use!

There's nothing like a good match between Titans to wash away the stresses of the day.

5 Comments to "Coldfusion VS Flex"- Add Yours
Chris's Gravatar Awesome!
# Posted By Chris | 3/20/09 12:44 PM
John Gag's Gravatar I thought they were teammates :(
# Posted By John Gag | 3/20/09 4:26 PM
Henry Ho's Gravatar Ya... you should have Flex vs Silverlight instead.
# Posted By Henry Ho | 3/20/09 8:20 PM
Rob McKeown's Gravatar That wouldn't be fair... Flex would win every time.
# Posted By Rob McKeown | 3/20/09 10:19 PM
Alirio Boquin's Gravatar It's possible compare this two developers tools.

What I mean ColdFusion is the best backend to Flex.

And Flex it's the best for frontend.
# Posted By Alirio Boquin | 3/21/09 3:04 AM

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