Structkeyexists or Yes, No, Maybe So

Perhaps I'm just being picky here but why do some functions in CF return a boolean (true/false) and others return a boolean (yes/no)?

For example StruckKeyExists() is one such culprit it returns a Yes or a No, which in CF is boolean. The problem naturally comes in if you decide to send the results from a StructKeyExits to a language that doesn't understand that yes/no in reality means true/false. Even if you use the serializeJSON() function to convert your data to a JSON formatted string, the Yes/NO does not convert to a boolean in JavaScript whereas a True/False is. In fact serializeJSON converts Yes/No to a string!

The CF9 documentation for StructKeyExists even indicates that the result of the function is True if the key exists. They say nothing about Yes.

What I would like to see in the next release of ColdFusion (Railo too) is that all Functions that return a boolean return it as True/False and we say goodbye to this Yes/No nonsense.

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Todd Rafferty's Gravatar Pleeeeeease open a Railo ticket on this. I wholeheartedly agree!
# Posted By Todd Rafferty | 11/2/10 5:38 AM
todd sharp's Gravatar Thing is - 1,Yes,True,true,yes all are equivalent in CFML. It's loosely typed, so it doesn't matter to CF. If you want to pass it somewhere else then you'll need to javacast() it. Now, I _do_ agree that when it comes to serializeJSON CF needs to be a little more strict. The problem is how do you actually determine that 'yes' is a boolean when serializing? I think it's a dangerous assumption to make - and I've found other issues with serializing Booleans too in the past.
# Posted By todd sharp | 11/2/10 5:43 AM
James Buckingham's Gravatar Can we add cgi.https to that list as well please?

It's set as on or off.

Always buggered me :-)
# Posted By James Buckingham | 11/2/10 6:30 AM
James Buckingham's Gravatar Oops!!!! Pardon my french! I meant "bugged me".

Oh dear *red face*
# Posted By James Buckingham | 11/2/10 6:39 AM
Gary Gilbert's Gravatar @Todd,

Oh I do realize that CF is loosely typed but a little consistency goes a long way, and will go a long way to making serializejson a little more predicable. While javacasting in some cases may help in some cases, I feel it to be more of a work-around than a solution.

It is my opinion that a consistent approach to boolean return values is the first step. In the end if it really becomes an issue a switch to a typed language is always an option.
# Posted By Gary Gilbert | 11/2/10 6:48 AM
todd sharp's Gravatar I didn't mean to argue your point - which is well taken. Consistency is indeed important.

Just meant that it's one of the downsides of working with a loosely typed language.

Have you filed a bug on CF too?
# Posted By todd sharp | 11/2/10 7:33 AM
Todd Rafferty's Gravatar @Todd: At this point, I'm not even sure if it's a loosely typed language issue or if it was a "we have continue to be inconsistent to remain compatible with past ... versions."

You may claim that it's because CFML is loosely typed, but CF has a lot of baggage - I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this is for compatibility.
# Posted By Todd Rafferty | 11/2/10 7:50 AM
Gary Gilbert's Gravatar @Todd's

I have to agree with T Rafferty here I think it's baggage myself and not really to do with a loosely typed language. It has always been one of my pet peeves in cfargument that required can be true/false or yes/no.

I don't think this would have bothered me so much if I wasn't doing so much jQuery and passing json back and forth and seeing numeric, true/false, and "yes"/"no" all being returned from serializejson where a true/false "should" be returned. The only place where it really works is when we use true/false in CF for true/false.

I guess I can't blame CF for the "bad" return structures but I can blame the language for making it harder to or perhaps impossible to refactor the legacy code to return clean boolean values.
# Posted By Gary Gilbert | 11/2/10 11:25 AM
erum's Gravatar can any on tell me how to add sprytab tab/panels using for loops ,means
as many tabs as required
# Posted By erum | 11/13/10 5:55 AM

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