Some Thoughs on CFUnited

[OK something is going weird with blog CFC going to have to finally make the move to mango when I get back to Germany]

I'm kind of sad really. My first "major" speaking engagement happens to be at the last official CFUnited. Perhaps it's just me, and that I have never been to a CFUnited before but it struck me as odd at the shear number of women in attendance. At the Munich cfug I think there are perhaps one or two women and at the two European Max's I attended the number of women in the CF sessions were, well, practically non-existent.I really enjoyed being up in front of the audience and had a lot of fun presenting my topic. I will be uploading my slides to slideSix in the very near future. Tim Cunningham has offered to host the video of my presentation I just need to put upload it to he can pull it down.

I finally got to meet Ben Nadel after missing him when he came to Munich, and I may even end up on his slide-show with half the CF world.

CFUnited was a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work too as Alex and I manned our sponsor booth the 3 days. Lansdowne had the AC jacked way the hell up which, with all the stress of travel and my first time presenting, gave me a cold for the first time in like two years. I never quite understood why there is ever a need to have a building cooled down to under 20 (70) degrees.

I do hope that CFUnited will continue in some form or another and that I will have an opportunity to present again at either CFUnited or one of the other conferences.

Happy Coding...

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