Review: Railo 3 Beginners Guide

The first Railo book Railo 3 Beginner's Guide, and hopefully not the last, was published by Packt Publishing sometime near the end of December, and while it's taken a bit of time a copy finally arrived last week for me to review.

I've already posted a review on Amazon and won't be repeating myself here. I also won't be doing a seriously in-depth exhaustive review a'la Charlie Arehart, cause thats not my style.

The Review

Firstly I just want to say this. It's about friggen time! The book could have been written sooner, hell I started writing a jumpstarter book a few years ago but then all hell broke loose (personally) and the project failed to really take off. I'm quite thankful that it did because Mark et Al did a bang up job.

I have a little beef with the title though, I think beginners guide is a misleading title, sure they go on to say that the reader is "expected to have some experience in web application development..." and given the intro chapter in CFML it's definitely a book by developers for developers.

I was a big confused with the jump to the server Admin in chapter 4, but when I think about how I learn, or how we learn in general, its good to get results fast. No one wants to sit in theory class for 6 weeks before sitting behind the wheel when learning to drive, show me the important stuff: brake, gas, clutch, steering wheel, ok? good! Here are the keys lets have a quick go around the empty parking lot to get a feel for it.

Besides chapter 5 through 8 go into more depth, then a bit more classroom work in Chapter 8 with Resources and Mappings, then back out behind the wheel with Extending Railo and the Video sharing application.

What I missed

I would have liked to have seen an Appendix with Railo's own CORE tags that are not in "Standard" CFML e.g. Engine specific Tags, and an Appendix showing their Engine specific Attributes when they differ. Quasi a comparative Matrix like we know showing the differences between the popular Browsers.

Buy it...

Buy it don't steal it, the e-book is only $19 don't be a cheap bastard and leach it.

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Mark Drew's Gravatar Hi Gary

Thanks for reviewing the book! Glad you liked it in places :)

It's always hard to know WHAT to put in a book, and I hope I covered a bunch of stuff, and then said "right, this should go to the next book, if there is one".

You are right, I actually wanted to put an Appendix with tags and functions but that would have blown our page count quota.

Also, I was not trying to do a book on how it compares to other engines, it's a book about Railo and all the features it has, at least that was in my mind when I wrote it.

I am sorry, but I think even when I write the next book in the series, there still won't be comparisons.

Because as someone once sang "Nothing compares to Railo!!!" I mean... you...

Or something.
# Posted By Mark Drew | 3/8/12 8:29 AM
Gary's Gravatar Hi Mark,

Oh I wasn't expecting nor wanting a comparison book, just a tidy little appendix saying "look what we got thats different"

Its kinda handy to have when having to program software that has to run on the other engine(s)

All in all I think its a great resource to have.
# Posted By Gary | 3/8/12 9:07 AM

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