Coldfusion Builder Released

The title says it all. Adobe's re-entry into the ColdFusion IDE market is official. Although I think most of the developers here at work still use Homesite as their preferred IDE. It's definitely going to be hard if not impossible to get the old die hard Homesite uses to switch.

I will probably give CF Builder another try to see if it's improved over Beta versions and at the price of 299 (bundled with Flash builder standard) it is a pretty sweet deal.

First try, and then maybe buy

Adobe CF XML Issue - Resolved

I just wanted to give a quick update about the XML issue I discovered in Adobe Coldfusion a couple of days ago.

According to Adobe the issue has been fixed in ColdFusion 9.0.1 ,Beta 1, Build 271170.

In the mean time I will have to use the xmlSearch() function when working with XML documents that may contain underscores.

Thanks for fixing this issue Adobe, now when is 9.0.1 going to be available?

Adobe CF XML Issue

While working with an XML document the other day I noticed some "interesting" behavior when trying to access a XML Element that started with an underscore. The XML document is valid, parsed correctly and also displayed correctly when dumping the XML Document out.

This issue only showed itself when trying to access the XML Element using dot notation.


CF9 PreserveSingleQuotes bug

This little bug comes courtesy of my boss at Contens. It appears that the function PreserveSingleQuotes() in Coldfusion 9 is unable to handle the results of a function that returns a string.


Adobe Browserlab Updated

I do a lot of my work on my MacBook Pro and as you know not all Browsers run on a Mac. Specifically MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) has not had a new release of their browser for the Mac platform since around version 5. It makes it kind of difficult when doing design changes to a website to make sure that your changes are Cross Browser when you can't install the Latest IE Browser on your Machine. You could set up VirtualBox and download one of the available images from Microsoft setting them up as a virtual machine.

Adobe BrowserLab is a flash application that is able to rend a website exactly how the different browsers render it on different platforms, for example Firefox 3.5 on windows and OS X.


ColdFusion Builder Beta 3

Beta 3 of Adobe ColdFusion Builder is now available for download from Adobe Labs. This version of the Builder addresses some performance issues as well as added some additional features.

I really hope that the optimizations and performance improvements are true as the previous version I simply un-installed after a couple of days.

The new features and list of known issues can be found in the release notes on the Adobe labs site.

Update: Coldfusion List To Array Bug

I just received an email from Adobe indicating that the list to array bug that I reported this month has been fixed and will be in updater 1.

Happy Coding...

Adobe AIR 2.0 on Labs

On November 17, 2009 Adobe released the beta version of AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime). A host of new features have been added to AIR 2.0


Coldfusion 9 ListToArray bug

Quite some time ago CONTENS made the decision to have our products work on both Coldfusion and Railo thereby providing our customers with an option. This does tend to increase our testing times but we feel it is important to give our customers the option. As most, if not all, of you know Coldfusion 9 was recently released. The customers we have that are on Coldfusion 9 naturally want to take advantage of the new features and improvements that have been announced in CF.


When free backfires.

I had a good time at SOTR, a couple of us went from work. Got to see Kevin and Andy again along with Serge, Terry, and Darren Pywell, we even had a presentation in German from Sven Ramuschkat on CF and AIR. All in all the presentations were good and informative.


Today is SOTR Munich

Im sitting here in the reception waiting for SOTR folks to begin arriving. I was the first one here, even before Claud, and naturally before any of the speakers :)


Coldfusion 8 on 9 DVD

When I first heard that "some" of the shipped ColdFusion 9 DVD's contained in reality ColdFusion 8 I thought it was a joke. Sadly it's not a joke but the truth, someone made a "booboo" when putting the DVD together.

Check out Adam Lehmans blog post for further details.

The Importance of Variable Prefixing

I remember my first official University programming course. We were to learn the language Pascal. Pascal is a socalled "teaching" programming language primarily to teach structured programming.


Coldfusion 9 Released!

Not one to be left behind in announcing what everyone else is bound to announce. Coldfusion 9 has been released!


Coldfusion 9 and CFBuilder Available on Labs

A public beta is now available for both CFbuilder, the new CFML IDE, and Coldfusion 9, on the Adobe Labs website.


Max 2009 Application/Game

As most of you by now know the website for Adobe MAX2009 is up and running. Like last year they have added a little flash application which lets you "explore" a little. You can find it


No 2009 MAX Europe

The title says it all. There will not be a MAX Europe in 2009. I am honestly not entirely surprised with the Global Financial crisis that we currently find ourselves in the first thing that always gets hit is the marketing department. Lets face it if MAX isn't marketing I don't know what is.


Coldfusion 9 CFScript enhancement

I'm not exactly sure how I missed Ray Camdens post on the proposed CFScript enhancements for ColdFusion 9 but it's never too late to throw in my own two cents. I think it's awesome!


Munich CFUG goes CeBIT

The Munich CFUG will be attending this years CeBIT thanks to the Coldfusion CMS Company CONTENS and Adobe.

If you are going to CeBIT stop in at the stand and say HI. If you don't yet have tickets and would like to go Contens is offering free tickets (while supplies last).

100 Million Downloads for Adobe AIR

It would seem that Adobe has really managed to create a hit with the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR). According to a TechCrunch article released today, downloads have exceeded the 100million mark in less than a year of the official launch date.


Quake and Flash

At MAX Milan they showed a sneak peak of Quake playing on a web browser through Flash. I've already seen and played Doom 1 ported to Flash using Alchemy but would like to get my hands on the Quake Port.

Has anyone seen and/or tried the port? Is it finished? Where can I get it?

Happy Fragging...

Some thoughts on MAX2008

Max2008 in Milan is over for me now, I arrived home at just after 2am in the morning after spending only 8 hours on the bus this time, and a few things went through my mind on the drive home.


Doom 1 Ported with Adobe Alchemy

Yes that's the game that caused me to break into the MBA lab with 4 other friends, order Pizza and stay up until the sun came up was recently ported to a Flash game using Adobe Alchemy.


Coldfusion 8 Certification

I took the Coldfusion 8 Certification exam against my better judgment, and even after reading Ray Camden's post. I did review the new and updated tags since MX7 but saying that I studied would be a bit of an exaggeration


Going to Milan (Max Europe)!

Well it looks like I will be heading to Max this year after all, much to my surprise and pleasure. Like last year it was my first time in Barcelona this year I will get to experience a little of Milan


Adobe Cocomo

Released yesterday on Adobe Labs is a Platform as a Service codenamed "Cocomo", which is set to provide Flex developers with the ability to add realtime social capabilities to their Rich Internet Applications.


Adobe Alchemy Project

Another new release on the adobe labs site is the project called Alchemy. The purpose of this project is to allow developers to compile C and C++ code into Action Script.


Flash Catalyst Unveiled or Thermo has a new name

Adobe has finally unveiled their name for the much anticipated "Thermo", which is now called Flash Catalyst


Coldfusion Ranked Favorite Application Server

Flash Player 10 Released

After almost 5 months in Beta, Flash Player 10 was released by Adobe on October 15th. The flash video that Adobe produced to show off the new features is, in my opinion, pretty damn cool.


Thanks Sitepoint!

It took a while for it to come all the way from San Francisco but yesterday it finally arrived!


Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Announced

Adobe has announced version 7 of the popular Photoshop Elements software this time adding a plus membership to their new online service


Getting Started with Flex 3

If you never got a chance to get you free copy courtesy of Adobe don't sweat it


Trouble Removing Air Applications

I recently posted about some AIR applications for designers and while installing a few new applications I noticed I had some old beta versions of Agile Agenda, Flickr Floater and a few others that were with older no longer supported versions of the AIR Runtime.


Air Apps for Web Designers

I found this great blog post over at six revisions, detailing 10 Adobe Air Apps for Web Designers.


Coldfusion 8 Exam Buster

So you are thinking of getting certified and have looked around for Ben Forta's study guide prep book and have only found the Coldfusion MX version, further searches have not uncoverd any hint of a version for 8.


RoboHelp Packager for AIR

On August 8th Adobe released, after five months of beta testing, the RoboHelp packager for AIR. This packager allows you to convert your existing WebHelp files created with RoboHelp 7 into Adobe AIR applications.


Photoshop Express AIR Uploader

Photoshop Express has a new Drag n' Drop photo uploader application similar to the one Flickr has that provides seamless uploading of photos. This application, however, is built using AIR technology so no need to pay attention to what operating system you are running. So long as you have the AIR runtime installed you are good to go.

As with the normal photo uploader you are only able to upload .jpg or .jpeg images to your Photoshop Express account.

There are some other features that were released at the same time Macworld has an article explaining the new features.

JavaFX Preview Released

The battle for the defacto rich desktop application framework has now truly begun with Sun Microsystem releasing the preview of on Thursday 31st July 2008. JavaFX is a technology not unlike Adobe's AIR, or Microsoft's Silverlight, in that it allows developers to build applications for both the Internet and Desktop.


Adobe Lightroom 2 Released

After my post yesterday regarding the "new" promotional site for Lightroom I decided to try it out. I took a few images from my flickr photostream that could do with some touching up.


New Lightroom/Photoshop Promo

Today I noticed that Adobe changed the flash banner on their web-site again, a couple of days ago it featured the MAX robot. What was unique about the MAX robot was the 'little' flash game associated with the launch to MAX. This time it


Max Europe Registration Open

If you haven't yet heard the news you can now register to attend Max Europe. I received an email yesterday afternoon telling me I had priority registration because I was an attendee last year.


Google Presentations

I recently decided to use Google docs to do a little writing. I find it's ok for simple documents without too much fancy stuff, simple for simple needs.


Rash of Attacks Target Coldfusion

In the last few days there have been a rash of attacks seemly targeted at Coldfusion. More specifically older Coldfusion applications/sites that do not make use of parameterized queries


Presenting at Munich CFUG

Just a note that I have been asked to present to the Munich CFUG on July 29th. It will also be hosted at my office web-shuttle.


Var Scoping Queries

Everyone says that we should var scope all of our variables and I make a concerted effort to do just that. But for some reason I've never considered the idea of


Coldfusion CFC Do's and don't's

There are a lot of articles around about coldfusion components; doing a Google search for the term "coldfusion components" brought back just over 160,000 results, that's an awful lot of information to


The Purrfect Use for AIR

It didn't take as long as I thought it would. As with most technological advances one of the industries that are always on the forefront in using the new technology is the adult entertainment industry.


Photoshop Express Memory Usage

I've uploaded most of my Canada trip photos to Flickr while I was still in Canada and thought I would use the Photoshop express beta to touch up a few pictures through the flickr login option.


Adobe Launches

Further closing the gap between desktop and web Adobe announced today the launch of The beta website offers a suite of hosted services to try for free during the beta program.

The service includes the online word processing software Buzzword, Adobe Connect, PDF conversion utility, adobe Share file service, and an additional file service called simply "My Files" (which looks to be simply all the files you uploaded to Share).


Capitalize Names Updated

Just a quick note about my Capitalizing Peoples Names post yesterday. I forgot to change the extension of the enclosure to something other than .cfm.

I updated the enclosure and also further optimized my function. You should now be able to download the function.

Happy Coding...

Capitalizing Peoples Names

While doing a code review at work I stumbled accross a horrible piece of code that was written in a hurry, The developer did the best he could at the time with the time that he had available to him to complete the task. He never really had time to think it though so just continued to throw worse code after bad until the problem was eventually solved.

The Problem

There has to be a better way to do what he was doing and so when I got home from work today I decided to actually look at the problem in the context of the system we have.


Photoshop Express New Features

A few new features have been added to Adobe's online Photoshop Express. Its been almost two months since its initial public beta release and beyond the firestorm over the Terms of Service its been relatively quite in that corner of the Adobe world.


Adobe Releases Flash 10 (beta)

Today Adobe released on their labs website Flash Player Version 10 for public beta.

This version of Flash has a few new key features:


Adobe Needs Your Feedback - Enter to win a prize!

Read the email waiting for me in my inbox. Cool I thought, I like prizes and I love giving my feedback especially when it is solicited and there is a chance of winning something.

I've enjoyed being part of Adobe's beta testing program for both Coldfusion, Flex and AIR both in the public beta test as well as the closed betas. Anything to help Adobe improve the whole thing.

So I clicked on the link, and started answering the eligibility questions, age, place of residence which listed such places as (Canada, UK, USA, Mexico, Other). Since Germany wasn't on the list I chose Other and that was the end of the survey.

WTF! I checked the email again and realized I didn't read the disclaimer at the bottom of the email.


So ok no prize, but I would also have given you my feedback without the bait of a prize...

Adobe Feeds: MXNA Relaunched

Yesterday Adobe replaced their aging and sometimes slow MXNA feed aggregator with a new and improved Adobe Feeds.

Upon visiting you notice immediately that is a heck of a lot faster than it used to be. According to Ted Patrick MXNA went from a single server architecture to one with 7 servers with

It's really nice to have it back up.

Curl VS Adobe Air

On April 14 Infoworld released an article titled "Curl moves to take on Adobe Air in offline RIA business".

The article introduces Curl as "the latest vendor looking to garner part of the expanding offline RIA business". Curl also claims to provide an engine that "provides high performance, rich graphics, enterprise security constraints that enterprises need to run RIAs on the desktop."

Curl further claims that they offer stronger performance than AIR. Typically claims like this are substantiated in some way with either technical white papers with fancy benchmarking graphs or with executions times and what not.

I decided to head over to Curl and nose around a bit


Adobe Air Javascript Develpers Guide

I noticed a post this morning from Ajaxian about a free downloadable Adobe Air Javascript Developers Guide.


Adobe Announces CinemaDNG

Adobe announced today at the NAB show in Las Vegas the organization of a Foundation centered around the new CinemaDNG (digital negative) format.

CinemaDNG will be an open standard, the idea is to eliminate incompatibilities between different hardware and software manufacturers with differing file formats thereby streamlining digital cinema creation.


Adobe Media Player Released

Yesterday, April 9th, Adobe announced the release of their new Media Player. The player is capable of playing FLV (Spark or VP6 codec) or MPEG-4 (H.264 codec) format videos.


Adobe Updates Terms for Photoshop Express

On April 3rd Adobe updated their Terms of Use for the online Photoshop Express service. The terms have been greatly modified from their original and now are more in line with what is "expected" from a photsharing service.

The language has also been substantially "dumbed down" and while it still contains "legalease", laymen language has been added in parentheses to provide clarity.

Adobe also moved the important parts into the first terms of service page (instead of breaking it up into two separate locations).

I have cut out the new section and bolded and underlined the important changes below:


Adobe Lightroom 2.0 Beta

Lightroom 2.0 Beta is now available for download on Adobe Labs.

For all you photographers out there that prefer to work with your images in RAW format you can download a trial version from the Adobe Labs website.

Linux Flex Builder Alpha 3

There was a lot of focus the last couple of days on Adobe Elements express as well as the release of the Linux AIR Alpha but the release of Alpha 3 Flex Builder slipped by relatively unnoticed (at least by me).

Some new features have been added but I still have some bad news...the list of unsupported features is, in my opinion, still pretty big.

Unsuported Features

  • Design view
  • States view
  • Refactoring
  • Data Wizards
  • Cold Fusion - Data Services Wizard
  • Web Services introspection
  • Profiler
It's still in the Alpha stages and I would expect that most of the unsuported features will be available before moving from Alpha to Beta. At least I hope so for the sake of the Linux developers. I personally don't think I could work without Design view. This new Alpha release added the ability to build and debug AIR applications as well as bug fixes.

Happy Coding...

Linux AIR Alpha Released

Today Adobe released the alpha of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) for Linux based operating system. AIR was released in February for the Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.

Photoshop Express Read the fine Print!

Before you start uploading all of your beloved images to Photoshop Express online it may be worthwhile to read the fine print.

The short version of the terms and conditions are quite short and mention nothing about ownership of the content that you upload to Photoshop Express.


Adobe Photoshop Express Online

I'm a bit late on this but I figure I will jump on the Adobe Photoshop Express Online edition band wagon as well.

The entire site is a flash based application (probably written using Flex 3). It looks like they spent a bit of time with the user experience folks as the signup process as well as the overall usability of the site is smooth and intuitive.


New Adobe Max Site

The site for the next Aobe Max is now up with the list of host cities.


Flex 3 Training from the Source

I've been thinking of buying the Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source book but naturally there isn't any user reviews yet.

Has anyone bought the book yet? If so what are you thoughts on the content is it worth $60? I planned on buying the book as a supplement in my studies towards the Flex Certification.

Thanks for your comments.

Adobe Max Europe 2008 Location Announced

According to this post by Ben Forta, the European Max 2008 will take palce in Milan Italy starting on Monday December 1st!

I personally think its a bit late in the year but I haven't yet been to Milan so any excuse to go is also a reason to go.

Ben promised more details soon!

Happy Coding..

Flex Builder 3

I could have downloaded a free trial of the new Flex Builder 3 to replace my beta version thats about to expire, but eventually that too would expire and I would be left with trying to get around actually buying the software.

I don't have any problem buying software I actually do it quite frequently my problem was/is that I will most likely not be using the Flex builder at home for any professional paid work. I will most likely be using it to build examples, experiment and write about here on my Blog.

I don't have to worry about the version of CF8 I have on my machine here at home, it's a free enterprise version (developer edition) but that's another story.

Then a thought occurred to me while I hovered over the 'purchase' button on Adobe's website. It's only $250 bucks (168 Euros)! what am I complaining about?

It's currently downloading now, fully legal and ready to go, except without charts, advanced datagrid or profiling. Perhaps I can talk work into getting the profi version.

Happy Coding...

EXT Update Supports Adobe Air

Jack and the team over at Ext JS released an update to their popular Ajax framework. This update was release to provide better support for the newly released Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

The sample application built for AIR using the EXT framework was also subsequently updated and is now available (source included) for download.

You can read more about the amazing Simple Task application on the EXT JS blog.

I took the application for a test drive and I have to say it's pretty damn cool. I especially like ability to drag-n-drop tasks from Outlook to Simple Task.

Adobe AIR 1.0 Released

Adobe announced the release of the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) on Sunday February 24th.

The AIR runtime lets developers leverage their existing web development skills to build rich Internet applications that can be deployed to the desktop. AIR applications can be written using AJAX (HTML and Javascript), Flex, and Flash technologies.

AIR provides developers with exciting ways to engage their customers with branded desktop applications without requiring developers with typical desktop programming language skills.

Adobe has officially blurred the line between the desktop and web. Web developers who embrace AIR can simply call themselves developers as they will no longer be exclusively developing applications for the Web.

Happy Coding...

Adobe Flex 3 Now Shipping!

On Sunday Feburary 24th Adobe announced the release of Flex 3.

Flex 3.0, Adobe's Flash-based RIA development platform continues to mature and has seen increasing adoption as the RIA development choice by companies such as: Discovery Channel, American Cancer Society, and Master Card.

Additionally Adobe has released the Flex SDK open source under the Mozilla Public License.

Happy Coding...

PDF Vulnerabilities Exploited

Don't ignore that little blinking icon in your system tray that's telling you that an update for Adobe Reader is available.

Adobe recently released a patch for Reader 8 that fixes some vulnerabilities that could be (and will most likely be) exploited.

A US-CERT Technical Cyber Security Alert has been issued. Additionally there is an exploit in the wild and can be viewed at SANS Internet Storm Center.

It is highly recommended that you patch as soon as possible if you haven't already.

Yahoo! Maps Releases Actionscript 3 API

Ted teased us on February 9th with an announcement of some soon to be released components but didn't tell us what they were (didn't even give us a hint). Well today the news has been released and I must say it's good news, especially after hearing that they were moving away from Flex 1.5 to Ajax back in December.

Now we will be able to integrate Yahoo! Maps into out Flash/Air apps using the pure goodness of AS3 instead of an Ajax bridge.

Here are a few of the key features (from Teds post):

  • Geocoding API - Turn a string address into coordinates (latlong)
  • Traffic - Get traffic
  • Directions - Get Directions between points
  • Local Search - Search a map for points of interest
  • Widgets - Simple widgets to control the maps

The api can be found on the developer network.

Happy Coding...

Remember Kevin Lynch?

If you were at MAX last year you probably saw Kevin up on the stage. He was the main MC and at that time he was the senior vice president and chief software architect. He is a very good presenter and gave a lot of presentations on a lot of the cool new things in the Adobe pipeline.

Well it looks like all of his hard work has earned him a new title that of CTO. According to the press release he will be responsible for "oversee[ing] Adobe's experience design and core technology across business units"

Congratulations on your promotion Kevin!

Computer World Adobe Air Article

I read a pretty good article over on computer world featuring the upcoming release of Adobe AIR titled "Adobe AIR set to take flight at Nasdaq, charity".

The author, Heather Havenstein, neither extols nor deplores the potential of AIR but rather shows both sides of coin in a rather refreshingly unbiased light.


O'Reilly Launches Inside RIA

As you have most probably already heard O'Reilly has launched a new website focused on Rich Internet Applications (RIA) called Inside RIA.

The website has three main topic areas: Design, Development and Standards.

Taking a look at the meet the experts page there are definitely a few familiar faces among which our very own Ray Camden.

I am looking forward to having another great resource.

Happy Coding..

CIO Today AIR Article

On Tuesday January 22nd CIO Today posted an article on Adobe AIR and the hopes of startups like Instacoll cashing in by providing

"smart Web-enabled clients that allow users to seamlessly switch between the desktop and browser versions while automatically taking care of synchronisation and version-control aspects without requiring any manual actions."
Instacoll's chief executive Sumanth Raghavendran adds
"We see our AIR app as providing an alternative to users who want to collaborate from the desktop, running any OS, and use the app in offline mode without requiring any Microsoft software"

I think it's great to see the interest in Adobe Air but there still seems to be some concerns about competition, deviation from understood desktop interface usability, the terms and conditions of use as well as some missing or not well developed areas of the platform.

We will have to see how Adobe addresses these concerns when AIR is no longer in Beta. I for one see great business productivity potential from simple expense report applications to full suites of applications for Insurance Companies.

The possibilities are endless.

Coldfusion IDE Survey

Ben Forta and Ray Camden have already posted about this survey but I will add my own "bump".

Go ahead and have your voice heard by taking the survey on IDE for Coldfusion

LCDS Paging, Flex and CF

When I first heard about LiveCycle Data services and that it has the ability to page large datasets I though cool how do I make it do it?

The idea here is to use Coldfusion as the Assembler. I already had a working sample using LiveCycle with CF on the back-end and Flex on the front-end all I needed to do was add more data to the Contacts.mdb file and then turn paging on. At least everything I read so far indicated that I wouldn't need to do anything special in my fill method in order for paging to work.


Media Player Pre-release 2

The second prerelease version of Adobe Media Player is now available for download on Adobe Labs.


Linux Flex Builder Alpha 2

Linux heads can now download and try out the new Alpha of Flex Builder for Linux on Labs. I think it's great that Adobe is not leaving the Linux folks out in the cold, I can definitely see why they are leaving them to last as their market share is relatively low.

What is unfortunate is the rather large list of unsupported features in the Alpha 2 release.


BlazeDS on Labs

Just saw a post from Christophe Coenraets (Flex Guru) announcing some pretty exciting stuff just released on Adobe Labs. It's called BlazeDS.


Flash Player 9 for Solaris

We already can see H.264 quality video and hear HE-AAC quality audio from flash videos on Windows, Mac and Linux. Well now you Solaris geeks can experience it for yourselves with this Flash Player 9 update

Of course your videos need to have been properly encoded to witness the full beauty of this update but if don't have any videos you can see a demo here.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

ps: The updated flash version for Windows, Mac and Linux 9,0,115,0 can be found here

CF showing its spots

Kristen Schofield announced yesterday on her blog that Coldfusion has entered Beta for version that will support 64 bit and the new Mac Operating System Leopard.

if you are a Mac head and a CF developer and want to join the beta program just send an email to

Coldfusion 8 Hotfix 2

Both Ray and Ben posted that Coldfusion 8 Hotfix 2 is now available for download, which is great, but what I find interesting is that if you simply go to adobe and look under Updates and then select Coldfusion you are directed to an updaters page but won't find any mention of Hotfix 2, only Hotfix 1. Once on the updates page you can then click on Coldfusion in breadcrumb which will take you to the actual Coldfusion Support home.


Max Europe Day Two

Max day two:

The general session highlighted an upcoming product by Adobe called "Thermo" and all I can say is WOW. This product is going to really streamline the development process of Flex applications. What they demoed is the ability for a designer to take a design from Photoshop, import it into Thermo and then prototype the application without needing to write a single line of code. What I mean by prototype is just that a functional, clickable, scrollable prototype populated with "Lorum Ipsum" data. It's just really freaking amazing stuff that I can't do justice by trying to explain. You will just have to wait for the Beta like me.


Max Europe Sold Out!

Well not really but with only 18 openings to go and 6 days before the start it is going to happen!


Ben in Deutschland

I just found out that Ben Forta and Tim Buntel will be in Beoblingen on October 23rd following the European Max.


Adobe buys Buzzword

I just heard about this little start up out of Boston called Virtual Ubiquity on a post on, they have created a feature rich online word processor using Flash. I signed up for a preview account and I have to say I am really impressed with the functionality and ease of use.



As I mentioned in my Adobe Labs Update Day post Adobe released a new online application called SHARE.


Adobe Labs Update Day

Big release day today on Adobe Labs.

Flex 3 beta 2

AIR beta 2

Spry 1.6

Media Player pre-release

And something very new from Adobe called share which is an online service that allows you to share, publish and organize your documents. You can sign in with your Adobe ID.


Chicago Max Sold Out

Just in from Ben Forta's blog the Chicago Max 2007 conference has been sold out!

Apparently its the first time in 9 years that they have sold out. I would say this definitely bodes well for the adobe community!

Now I wonder what the attendance levels are like for the European and Asian Max conferences. I haven't seen any numbers posted on the Max in Barcelona yet.

Hopefully someone at Adobe will be giving us those numbers within the next week or so as Barcelona Max starts on the 15th of October.

30 Days Free Online Training

Last Tuesday Ben Forta posted on his blog about free Adobe Flex training offered by Total Training. But thats not the only free training you can get.


Adobe support site down

I have been trying most of the day today (currently 15:51 GMT + 1) to get to's CF support page to find the resolution to the MX 6.1 time problem.

Time problem? What time problem?


MAX2007, Barcelona and Me

It's kind of funny, while I have been at several technology conferences in Washington DC I have never actually gotten excited about a conference before (well except for the Salsa Conference in LA in 2000 but thats another story) like I am for the Adobe Max Conference.


Kuler API Released

Adobe labs has released an API to their in-house AIR/Web color scheme generator. Kuler's API allows you to subscribe to different RSS feed types, search for a particular theme based on certain search criteria or even return a thumbnail image of a specified theme.

If you need some inspiration on color themes for a site you are building Kuler is a good way to get some ideas.

You can download the Kuler AIR version or the Apple dashboard widgit and give it a try.

Happy Coding

Adobe Max2007 Europe Speakers

I took a look at the speaker list for the European Adobe Max2007 yesterday and while it's still quite a ways off it's still pretty full.


Coldfusion 8 Price Hike?

I honestly didn't think I would see an increase in price for this release of Coldfusion. Sure it's got a bunch of new features and has had performance tuning but does that really justify a price increase?

Some would say yes, others would say no and I am definitely in the NO camp on this one!



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