Apple Dislikes Android Reference in App

The startup Flash of Genius who develops educational software recently got a letter from Apple telling the company that "it would be appropriate to remove" the reference to Andriod in the product description of their iPhone app in the apple store.


The Apple iPad

The much rumored and anticipated announcement was made yesterday at the Apple Media event by Steve Jobs. The Apple iPad, which looks much like an over-sized iPhone or iPod comes with all the bells and whistles that both of the smaller versions come with, only bigger.


Magic Mouse Eating Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Batteries

The new Magic Mouse from Apple apparently drains the batteries in the Apple Bluetooth keyboard.


MacBook Pro SuperDrive Firmware Update

Thank god they finally fixed it so the SuperDrive doesn't test every time the MacBook Pro wakes up from hibernate. The EFI firmware update is for MacBook Pro only.

It certainly is nice to have that annoying noise gone every time I wake up my MBP. It was though it was complaining that I woke it up or something.

Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update

On December 3, 2009 Apple released an updater for Java on the Mac OS X platform. This updater closes some security holes that were present in the J2SE-Version 1.4.2, the most serious of which was the ability for non-authorized Java applets being able to obtain higher permissions on the system.


iPhone Encryption "Useless"

In a wired interview hacker Jonathan Zdziarski says that "iPhone 3GS Encryption Is 'Useless' for Businesses".


iPhone Navi Software Now Available!

The first "professional" navigation software for the iPhone is now available for purchase from Apples Appstore. The App is made by company NAVIGON and is claiming to be the "first professional navigation solution for the iPhone".


iPhone OS3 Cracked!

The new OS for the iPhone has been available since Wednesday and the new crack was released on Friday as reported by the Dev-Team blog.


Intel Mac and EXTFS

MacOS X is "Linux", at least that is what every Mac Fanboy has told me since OS 9 went the way of the Dodo. But the more I use OS X at the command line the more I bump into limitations.


My Mac Book Pro

On Friday 13th my Mac Book Pro arrived. Naturally the first thing I did was unpack it, plug it in and turn it on. Then I did something which I haven't done in a very long time. I read the manual!


Setting Expectation

I knew when I posted my first entry asking you to help me decide on what type of computer to get that it would end up being like asking Republicans and Democrats to give their opinions on how best to turn the US economy around.


Laptop Decision Reached

Since my laptop is completely irreparable without having to replace the motherboard (Problem is with the BIOS chip) I've been "forced" to make a somewhat hasty decision. Thanks to the comments left on my previous post, and naturally trying my hardest to take it all in perspective, I've reached a decision.


Laptop Suggestions

It looks at though my less than 2 year old Wintel Laptop (HP dv2000) is giving up the ghost. Sometimes it doesn't even successfully


Apple Sued for Patent Infrigement by Picsel

In court documents filed in the Delaware District Court on Friday, Feburary 13th, 2009, Scottish companies Picsel Research and Picsel Technologies are suing Apple. Inc for patent infringement relating to technologies contained in Apple's iPhone and iPod touch.

One of the largest law firms in the USA Nixon Peabody LLP has been retained to represent Picsel against Apple. Inc. The full press release from Nixon Peabody claims that:

"..Apple has implemented a key component from Picsel's mobile rendering functionality, which enables users to scan through all kinds of on-screen content without experiencing prolonged screen update cycles. Without Picsel's technology, users can be subjected to prolonged delays while "zooming" and "panning" documents, Web pages, and images."

This will never the less be an interesting test to see how well Apple has done it's homework and how "solid" the patents of both companies are. That, and of course, how good the lawyers are.

Google G1: Hit or Miss?

The Google G1 will be going on-sale here in Germany at the start of February, so I thought I would take a closer look at Google's first mobile phone. I first thought that perhaps the G1 would be a competitor to the iPhone but by the looks of things I couldn't have been more wrong.


Adobe Flash on the I-Phone?

There has been a lot of noise in the past week about Apple lifting a ban on 3rd party browsers. Apparently a few browsers (Edge Browser, Incognito) are now available on the i-tunes store backdated to sometime in October.


Apple Pulls out of Macworld Expo

Macworld Expo, the big Expo for everything Mac or Apple related and where Steve Jobs usually unveiled all the latest has taken two serious blows.


iPhone Upgrade Woes

The new iPhone is out, and the old iPhones get upgraded firmware through the new iTunes store. But it appears not to be a joyous occasion for first generation iPhone owners.


iPhone 3G Now Available!

The Apple iPhone 3G is, as of 8am, now available for purchase and promises to deliver some serious performance improvements over it's predecessor. "Twice the Speed, Half the Price" claims the Apple website.


Advertising in PDF's

Adobe recently released a new "project" on the Adobe Labs website called Ads for PDF.

We are inundated with advertising wherever we go and whatever we do, I am even contributing to that by having advertising on my site (the hope here is that my site gets popular enough so I can have my own dedicated machine, but thats another story).


I-Pod Hack Published

Yesterday, in the German Financial times, I read a detailed article on how to unlock the Sim lock on the Apple I-Phone. I had heard that some people in the US had created both physical (hardware) and, additionally, Software that would unlock the I-Phone so that it can be used on any GSM enabled network.


Kuler API Released

Adobe labs has released an API to their in-house AIR/Web color scheme generator. Kuler's API allows you to subscribe to different RSS feed types, search for a particular theme based on certain search criteria or even return a thumbnail image of a specified theme.

If you need some inspiration on color themes for a site you are building Kuler is a good way to get some ideas.

You can download the Kuler AIR version or the Apple dashboard widgit and give it a try.

Happy Coding

Aptana iPhone Plugin

The team over at Aptana have been very busy of late. Not only did they release support for Adobe Air development in July they also announced a Plugin for developing on Apple Iphone!

They have come up with a couple really great features to help you develop the next 'hot' App like preview support in both horizontal and vertical mode, starter files, importing of ajax libraries, and full support for javascript and css embedded within html. So for all of you that want to get a head start on developing cool apps for the iPhone here is your chance.

Apple I-Phone Launch Today

The Apple i-phone has it's launch today Friday June 29th, at least in the USA. I have looked at the phone and I can honestly say that I can't see the appeal of it.

There isn't anything too revolutionary about it. It has some cool features like motion sensors to adjust the screen display, gps, a touch screen. Yes OK the screen has good graphics, and the ability to change the screen from vertical to horizontal is cool. It also has the ability for better HTML support. Additionally touting the dual platform support of Windows and OSX.

In the end nothing truly groundbreaking, just a mashup with a bit of added eye candy.

The biggest thing I've noticed is the standby battery life of 250hrs! Thats quite a bit, but is anyone actually going to achieve that kind of performance? If you are going to own one of these toys it's more than likely not going to spend much time on standby. You are going to be using it like a BlackBerry to "organize" your life, or listen to music or play games, use it to IM folks. With only 8 gigs max of storage you won't be able to have too much music or too many movies/videos/TV-shows stored on your phone device.

I am sure before to long it's going to get a nickname like "i-crack" in keeping with the nickname given to the BlackBerry or CrackBerry.

Well when they are finally released in Europe I am sure it's going to be as big a deal as in the US. I can tell you I won't be camping outside of any stores to be the first on my block to have one!

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