Structkeyexists or Yes, No, Maybe So

Perhaps I'm just being picky here but why do some functions in CF return a boolean (true/false) and others return a boolean (yes/no)?

For example StruckKeyExists() is one such culprit it returns a Yes or a No, which in CF is boolean. The problem naturally comes in if you decide to send the results from a StructKeyExits to a language that doesn't understand that yes/no in reality means true/false. Even if you use the serializeJSON() function to convert your data to a JSON formatted string, the Yes/NO does not convert to a boolean in JavaScript whereas a True/False is. In fact serializeJSON converts Yes/No to a string!

The CF9 documentation for StructKeyExists even indicates that the result of the function is True if the key exists. They say nothing about Yes.


A New Chapter

Friday is my last day with my current employer, who happens to also be my first employer in Germany.


Coldfusion and jQuery

It's been relatively quiet in Munich on the CF front (user group meetings) but a nudge in the right direction always helps to get things moving. The Munich CFUG will be getting together on May 5th


Don't Forget cf.Objective()!

You don't have much time now to plan your flights, hotels and sessions for cfobjective. Unless you have been living under a rock you already know that its taking place between May 14th, and 16th at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis.


Munich CFUG goes CeBIT

The Munich CFUG will be attending this years CeBIT thanks to the Coldfusion CMS Company CONTENS and Adobe.

If you are going to CeBIT stop in at the stand and say HI. If you don't yet have tickets and would like to go Contens is offering free tickets (while supplies last).

Coldfusion Camp tickets in short supply!

I recently received word that there aren't many tickets left for the Coldfusion Camp in Munich. If you were thinking of attending then now would be a good idea to register before it sells out!

See you there!

Coldfusion Camp Now Online

Just a quick note to let all those interested know that the official Coldfusion Camp site is up and read to receive your registration.

See you at CFC 2008!

BTW if you see any translation problems let me know I'm supposed to be proof-reading it tomorrow morning.

ColdFusion Camp 2008 Munich

This just in from Christoph Schmitz of the Munich CFUG


One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer

While the cover charge at A Wee Dram of Scotch will only get you two of those things being in the UK I would probably go for the Scotch and Beer, leaving the Bourbon for another day.


Vielen Dank Christoph Schmitz!

I recently ordered the book "Design Patterns Explained: A New Perspective on Object-Oriented Design (Software Patterns)" from, well more accurately through the marketplace (read:used). I expect to receive it this week so was a little surprised when our office manager placed a package in my hand that clearly had the dimensions of a book, though a lot smaller than I anticipated.


Munich CFUG - How far would you drive?

The Munich CFUG meeting last night went quite well and I was quite surprised to learn how far the German Speaking CFers travel to come to a meeting! Urs came all the way from Zurich, and Karl drove in


Munich CFUG Part 2

We had around 25 people show up for the Munich CFUG for the AIR/Flex release roadshow, which I think was a pretty good turn out (Chris Schmitz will have to verify). Naturally the lure of a few prizes (sadly none of which I won) tend to increase attendance.

I presented an AIR prototype of a Lotto Player I built for a customer of ours (German). However, the presentation gremlin struck, I didn't have the right version of the AIR SDK on my laptop, but I think for my first presentation to a German Audience it was "ok".

By ok I mean that I started out in German and then about half way though my brain got tired and switched over to English pretty much on it's own accord. Thankfully no one in the audience complained.

I enjoyed giving the presentation and hope to be invited back in the future to give more.

Munich CFUG Meeting

I am attending the first Munich CFUG meeting of 2008 on Wednesday 12 March at 18:00. The company I work for has graciously donated space to hold the meeting.

The focus will be on Flex/AIR with CF as the natural choice for the backend. Christoph Schmitz has promised some Adobe sponsored give-aways, and I have promised to present a "proof of concept" AIR Application written in HTML/Ajax that connects to a backend system written in Coldfusion.

I haven't quite decided yet if I should attempt to give the presentation in German or stick to what I know best, English. The good thing is of course that the Germans us 90% English IT terminology so I should be good-to-go in that regard should I decide to give it a try in German.

I hope this CFUG meeting will be the start of something somewhat regular where we can get together and exchange ideas. Actually now that I think of it this will be my first ever CFUG meeting.

"Hi, My name is Gary and I am a CF Junky"

Happy Coding...

CFMaps Tracking Developers/Sites

If you haven't heard of CFMaps it is a Yahoo Maps mash-up tool written by Nic Tunney that shows where registered CF developers can be located in the world.

Besides being a great resource for people looking to find other developers around them, it is also a great way to market yourself and/or your company.

You can keep certain information about yourself private (your address information for instance which is only used for geo-location), or you can add your website, and e-mail address to the information that is available for searching.

Go on then go ahead and sign up!

Happy Coding...

DZone adds Coldfusion Tag

Dan Wilson posted yesterday that DZone recently added a Coldfusion tag. This means that we can now submit articles relating to Coldfusion giving us ever greater awareness/reach.

Thanks Dan for letting us know!

Happy Coding...

CFeMmy 2007 Voting Opens

Todd Sharp announced the opening of voting for this years CFeMmy's. The categories for this years CFeMmys in no particular order are:

  • Best Aggregator
  • Best Blog
  • Best Reference Web Site (Site that teaches or provides documentation)
  • Best Community Site (Site that provides info or resources to developers)
  • Best OS Project (Built in CF)
  • Best Commercial App (Built in CF)
  • Best CF Host
  • Best Newcomer (CF Blog that started in 2007)

I also noticed that I happen to have been nominated for the category "Best Newcomer (CF Blog that started in 2007)".

Thanks to whomever nominated me :).

Now that the voting is open please head over to the voting booths and vote for me!

Happy Coding...

Coldfusion Community

Nick Tong launched ColdfusionCommunity on November 5th since then over 500 Coldfusion enthusiasts have joined.

I am very pleased with the community so far there has been a lot of people joining over the last couple of days as the word has spread. I can't help but think that by the end of this month we should have over 1,000 people joined up.

Send out those invites to your CF buddies!

GotCFM reaches over 1500

Well I see that Rey Bango released the winner of his first to 1,000th CFML site on Sadly it wasn't me, so no free stuff.

The good news is that the count is well over 1500 now, and I am sure there are thousands more out there.

Rey just needs to have another contest, perhaps the first to 5,000. Adobe marketing could kick in some nice free software prizes and other marketing stuff.

So anybody with ears on the inside (hint: Ray, Ben) wanna see about getting Rey some better prizes for the next level? I am sure Rey thinks its a great idea...err don't you Rey?

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