Google Chrome For Mac (New Beta)

Back in December I posted about the beta for Google Chrome for the Mac OS being available for download. Well a new Mac Chrome beta is now available for download.


Feedburner Migration Failed

When Google took over feedburner I thought, at the time, that it would be a good thing, that I could monetize my feed and perhaps help pay for my VPS. The problem is the migration of my RSS from old Feedburner to new Google Feedburner just didn't work.


Chrome Extensions for Mac

Google recently launched browser extensions for Chrome for Windows and Linux but haven't yet for the newly released Google Chrome for Mac. According to TechCrunch, though, that's going to change by today.


Google Chrome For Mac (Beta)

It has taken quite some time, about a year, but Google has finally released a beta version of the Chrome Browser for the Mac OS.


Asynchronous Google Analytics

Google announced via their Google Code Blog On December 1, 2009 that they have now implemented an Asynchronous Tracking code. Anyone who uses Google Analytics to track visitors to their site knows how important a feature this is.


Google Analytics New Features

Google Analytics recently released 7 new features for their free online analytics tools. For those who have been using Analytics for some time Google has been silently adding improvements to the site for some time, but this is the first official notice of added features that I have received in almost a year.


Closure Tools - Free Javascript Tools from Google

Google recently released a 3 JavaScript tools which they are calling Closure Tools. These tools have helped Google to create software like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Maps. The decision for Google to release these tools as open-source could be a boon to many developers.


Would You Install Chrome OS?

Google Chief Erich Schmidt in an interview claimed that the upcoming Chrome OS will be on millions of computers, though doesn't have any hard figures.


Google Earth 5.0 Released

Yesterday Google released the new version of Google Earth. This new version of Google Earth just doesn't let you explore the earth's surface now you can dive beneath the surface of the ocean. Through animation Google Earth lets you dive blow the surface and explore the ocean floor, see exclusive content provided by Google Partners like the BBC, and the National Geographic.


Offline Gmail through Gears

As of yesterday Google has a new feature for G-Mail; the ability to read your e-mails off line.


Google G1: Hit or Miss?

The Google G1 will be going on-sale here in Germany at the start of February, so I thought I would take a closer look at Google's first mobile phone. I first thought that perhaps the G1 would be a competitor to the iPhone but by the looks of things I couldn't have been more wrong.


Googling is Environmentally Unfriendly

According to an article by Times Online each search made using Google's search engine generates between 5 and 10grams of CO2! That means, since I got up this morning I have, alone, been responsible for over 200g of CO2. By the end of the day that figure is most likely to have three zeros.


New iGoogle Sucks!

I've been holding off on writing this for a while to see if the new iGoogle design would grow on me but it hasn't


Tracking Digital Content

One of our clients an electronic entertainment company provides movie trailers on their site. They also want to provide their partners with a simple EMBED tag for a flash player similar to what youtube does with it videos. Naturally they want to be able to track how often the movie clip or trailer is viewed on their partners sites by using google analytics, or as yet to be determined tracking methods.


Google Chrome - First Impressions

I'm writing this blog entry using Google's new browser Chrome. My first impression is that it's fast! Faster than Firefox used to be and MSIE never was.


Google Page Rank Adjusted?

I hadn't planned on writing about this as I thought I was the only one affected. But on closer inspection it appears a lot of the 'previously' highly rated blogs I read (see left nav bar for list) have all been adjusted downwards, some more dramatically than others.


Cuil Enters the Search Engine Fray

A new search engine Cuil (Cool) launched today. Developed by a few Google alumnni, along with 33 million in venture capital, is set to go head to head with Google and other the "other" search engines.


Google Presentations

I recently decided to use Google docs to do a little writing. I find it's ok for simple documents without too much fancy stuff, simple for simple needs.


Google Maps Flash API - Developer mode

I decided to start playing around with the "not so new" Google Maps Flash API. I downloaded the SDK, got my API Key and set up a simple "Hello World" type example.


JQuery Charting Plugin

I have been playing around with EXTJS for a while now and have, at the same time, been hearing quite a bit about JQuery but haven't really looked at it.

It seems to have a rather large and vibrant community and a heck of a lot of plugins available. One plugin that caught my eye, specifically because I recently pointed out a post about the Google Charting API, is a charting plugin for JQuery called


Google enters cellphone battle

Well the rumors have finally been confirmed. Google is releasing free software for cellphones that their mobile division (formally a startup called Andriod.Inc) has been working on for over 3 years.


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