JavaScript Expert Needed

We have an immediate need in Munich, Germany for a JavaScript expert. The candidate must have extensive interface design skills and strong familiarity working with js frameworks such as jQuery.

Being able to understand and communicate in German a requirement.

If you are interested or know someone who would be interested please send me an email using my contact form.

Cheers and happy programming.

jQuery Switches to Zoho Forums

An early morning tweet by John Resig of the jQuery team, and followed by an email from Zoho, announced the switch of the jQuery forum from Google Groups to Zoho. Zoho Discussions is providing their on-line forum tool for free to open-source projects.


jQuery Conference 2009

The jQuery conference is a two day conference taking place in Boston at Microsoft Cambrige.


A Insanley Simple jQuery Accordion

We have a couple of projects currently running in parallel and as always resources are a bit in short supply. This has given me the opportunity to put on my developer hat a bit and help out a bit. This time with building a simple jQuery accordion. I didn't want to use the accordion widget so I quickly put together a quick little example for the developer to integrate into the project.


jQuery UI 1.7 Released

I'm a little late with this news but wanted to quickly post that the jQuery team released a new version of their UI framework and it's packed with new features.


JQuery's Rockstar Causes Community Uproar

It appears that the fresh new look proved a little too much for the JQuery community.


JQuery's Rockstar New Look

JQuery unveiled their new "JavaScript Rock Star" look today, and I have to admit, I think its kind of cool. While not as "serious" (read:Corporate) a UI design than the previous one it certainly is more fun.

jQuery UI's new home

Yesterday JQuery announced that they will be including the previously unreleased jQuery effects suite "Enchant" into jQuery UI.

Additionally jQuery UI can now be found at with a really great UI not surprisingly.

I had to right click on the demo page to be sure I wasn't looking at a Flash scroller. Although quite a few of the demo pages were still showing "Under Construction" place holders (I thought that went out of style in 98?), the demos that are available are really good.

You will also notice the design has a particularly Liferay feel to it, it is after all sponsored by them.

Liferay to Standardize UI on jQuery

I read an interesting article on the jQuery Blog today about how the lead on the jQuery UI team, Paul Bakaus, has been hired by Liferay inc. to "bring Jquery UI to the next level"

Additionally Paul mentions that Liferay will be standardizing all their products to use jQuery. This tight integration of jQuery by Liferay is sure to catapult jQuery's popularity even more.

This is quite an interesting partnership and will undoubtedly have an impact on the company I work for as well as we have been flip/flopping between ExtJs and jQuery but since we plan on doing a lot more work with Liferay I imagine there will be more a lean towards jQuery.

JQuery Charting Plugin

I have been playing around with EXTJS for a while now and have, at the same time, been hearing quite a bit about JQuery but haven't really looked at it.

It seems to have a rather large and vibrant community and a heck of a lot of plugins available. One plugin that caught my eye, specifically because I recently pointed out a post about the Google Charting API, is a charting plugin for JQuery called


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