JavaScript Expert Needed

We have an immediate need in Munich, Germany for a JavaScript expert. The candidate must have extensive interface design skills and strong familiarity working with js frameworks such as jQuery.

Being able to understand and communicate in German a requirement.

If you are interested or know someone who would be interested please send me an email using my contact form.

Cheers and happy programming.

Closure Tools - Free Javascript Tools from Google

Google recently released a 3 JavaScript tools which they are calling Closure Tools. These tools have helped Google to create software like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Maps. The decision for Google to release these tools as open-source could be a boon to many developers.


Mini DVI Adapter

I spent some time the last week or so working sporadically on an intro Presentation for ExtJS. Basically highlighting some of the cool things like Ext Direct. It also happens to be my last day at the company.


Ext JS 3.0 Final Released

I posted a little while ago that Ext JS 3.0 was available, well that was not the final release. Ext announced today on their blog yesterday that the final release of 3.0 is now available for download.


Ext JS 3.0 Released

Although not announced yet on their blog I noticed today that Ext JS 3.0 is now available for download.


Ext JS 3.0 Remoting Made Simple with Ext:Direct

Yesterday Ext JS announced via their blog the release of Ext:Direct a new package to help developers write less code by streamlining communication between client and server.


A Insanley Simple jQuery Accordion

We have a couple of projects currently running in parallel and as always resources are a bit in short supply. This has given me the opportunity to put on my developer hat a bit and help out a bit. This time with building a simple jQuery accordion. I didn't want to use the accordion widget so I quickly put together a quick little example for the developer to integrate into the project.


SEO & Ajax

How do you provide your customers with the Ajax functionality they want and still optimize the site for search engines?


Adobe Air Javascript Develpers Guide

I noticed a post this morning from Ajaxian about a free downloadable Adobe Air Javascript Developers Guide.


Spry Dynamic Tabs 2

A reader recently asked about my Spry Panel with Dynamic Content post:

How do I extend it to automatically generate each TAB from an external file as well.

The tabs are generated from [an] external XML data (the XML contains the link to be run when the Tab is clicked), and then each tab generates it's content when it is clicked.

In my post the tabs were hard coded, to dynamically generate the tabs using an xml file and then dynamically load the content specified in the xml file it's just a little bit more work (but less typing!).


CFGRID Cell Renderer Revisited

As I mentioned in my post on Monday via a post on Ray Camden's site creating customized cell renderers are possible, though not officially supported in CFGRID.

What that actually means is that CF doesn't provide a simple way of specifying a cell render for a grid column as shown in the hypothetical code snipet below:


EXT Ajax Grid Part 4

We continue where we left off in EXT Grid Part 3. I won't bother this time in having the entire script block again rather just focusing on the next part of interest.


EXT Ajax Grid Part 3

In this post we will begin to dissect the javascript code used to create the EXT Ajax Grid.

In Part 1 I simply introduced you to the Javascript in a complete example without really explaining any of the code.

I will do my best to break it down in to manageable chunks. Starting with setting up the Anonymous function and then going onto setting up of the data store.

Here is the complete Javascript block once again for reference:


Ext Tree adding a Context Menu

In the previous Ext Tree and Coldfusion Example post we set up an EXT treeview bound to a Coldfusion component.

In this example we will be building upon that example to add a dynamic context menu to our tree. The context menu will be populated by calling a function in a Coldfusion component.

Step 1

The first thing we need to do is include the below snippet of code in the head section of our page, but after the ext-all.js.


Ext Tree and Coldfusion Example

The EXT tree is, in my opinion, a much better implementation of a dynamic ajax tree than what the yahoo utility toolkit starts out with, and subsequently what Adobe decided to use for the CFTREE tag. Once again I am really amazed at the quality work that Jack and his crew have done. The tree itself is relatively simple to set up as either a static tree or dynamic tree. In the example code I will be showing I have set up the tree to have a lazy loader. This means that I will only be showing the root (and in this case the first set of children) of the tree and each time a node is clicked a call will be made to populate that nodes children.


EXT Ajax Grid Part 2

This is the second installment of building an Ajax grid using the EXT UI and Coldfusion.

In Part 1 we included the library files and set up the Javascript and HTML to render our Grid with paging.

In this entry we will set up an Ajax wrapper component and a component to populate our grid.

We need an Ajax wrapper component in this example because we are not using Coldfusion 8, the Ajax component will act as an intermediary component to instantiate our component and output the results. We could also use a standard cfm page but I prefer to use a component.


<cffunction name="getFiles" access="remote" output="yes">
    <cfargument name="start" default="1" required="yes"/>
    <cfargument name="limit" default="10" required="yes"/>
    <cfargument name="sort" default="" required="yes"/>
    <cfargument name="dir" default="" required="yes"/>
    <cfargument name="callback" default="" required="no"/>
<!--- the ext grid sends a 0 for the start by default, the startrow attribute on the cfoutput tag must be greater than 0 so we take care of that here before calling the component.--->        
        <cfif start eq 0>
            <cfset start = 1>
        <cfset obj = createobject("component","fileExplorer")/>
        <cfset retval = obj.getFilesExt(start,limit,sort,dir,"/dev/crucial")/>


EXT Ajax Grid Part 1

I recently posted an example on using one of the Coldfusion 8 Ajax CFGRID. I also mentioned at the time that it's based upon the GUI Library found at Well I thought it would be a good idea to also show an example on how to set up a grid using the library.

In Part one I will introduce you to the front end part, that is the javascript code to set up the grid, as well as what files you need to include in order to get it working. The next part we will go through the Javascript. And then in the final part I will show you how I set up the return data. Since I do not have Coldfusion 8 on my hosting provider we will build then entire thing using Coldfusion 6 or MX tags and functions.

So lets get started....

There are some necessary files you need to include at the top of the page that you want to have the grid on. The files are the base Yahoo utilities file, an yahoo to ext adapter and then the main ext library. Jack recently moved away from dependence on a third party base library and has created his own so in the future we won't need to have the yui-utilities included but the ext base library instead.

If you don't have the base library yet you can get it from the Extjs download area.

Put the code below into the html head of your page making sure to change the paths to where you have your resources.

<!-- these two library's must be included before any others -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="resources/javascript/yui-utilities.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="resources/javascript/ext-yui-adapter.js"></script>
<!-- the main ext library -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="resources/javascript/ext-all.js"></script>
<!-- this is the main styleshee, it is also broken down into separate stylesheets for each 'widget' -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="resources/css/ext-all.css"/>

The next thing we will do is set up our grid. In the head area of your HTML document drop in the following:


Aptana AIR support

I have been using Eclipse as my full time development environment for a while now and recently decided to install it at home as well. One of the great things about Eclipse is the huge array of free plugins that you can install.

Aptana is a JavaScript plugin that has been around for a while now but since I am relatively still new to Eclipse I have to say it has become and integral part of my daily work. It is the first time that I have had a "real" IDE for javascript with code hints and everything!

Aptana recently released a new plugin to support Adobe AIR development. This will become very handy when I try my hand at developing Adobe AIR applications using html and javascript instead of Flex.

If you haven't tried the Aptana plugin I would highly recommend giving it a test drive.

Happy Coding...

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