Max Europe Summary

I posted a pretty big rant on Thursday about the post event training but it was only one day of the conference, while a particularly annoying day, it didn't ruin the conference experience for me.

The following are my thoughts on the Event:


Adobe Max Europe- Post Day Training Sucked

I'm not typically the type of person post rants but I'm really quite pissed at the moment so here goes.


I just spent the day in "Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR): Bringing Rich Internet Applications to the Desktop" post day session, and what turned out to be quite possibly the worst training I have ever had.


Max Europe Day Three

Today was totally exhausting, with the morning sessions "Using Coldfusion with LiveCycle Data Services", "Working with data in Flex 3", and "Introduction to LiveCycle Data Services for Flex Developers", and then stopping in on the AIR Boot Camp, it's all been a little too much.

I ended up leaving the AIR Boot Camp session a little early and crashing on the Blue Max Bean Bags in the Community pavilion for a half an hour.

I really needed the break..

I think I will try to get into bed before 2am tonight, I want to be fresh for the hands on training tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.

Max Europe Day Two

Max day two:

The general session highlighted an upcoming product by Adobe called "Thermo" and all I can say is WOW. This product is going to really streamline the development process of Flex applications. What they demoed is the ability for a designer to take a design from Photoshop, import it into Thermo and then prototype the application without needing to write a single line of code. What I mean by prototype is just that a functional, clickable, scrollable prototype populated with "Lorum Ipsum" data. It's just really freaking amazing stuff that I can't do justice by trying to explain. You will just have to wait for the Beta like me.


Max Europe Day One

I am a little late publishing this entry but but here we are anyway.

Adobe really put on a good show for the keynote speech. The huge wide screen display, the presentations from Keven Lynch and a lot of other Adobe product managers.

They showcased new technologies and Ben did a brief talk on the United Way website that they upgraded to CF8 with some Ajax functionality.

The Adobe AIR presentation completely blew me away! The drag and drop capabilities from desktop to AIR App and dragging and dropping from one AIR App to another. This technology is really going to take off in a huge way as it opens up possibilities that were just not really available to us Web developers before.

I think we are going to see a lot of productivity and business applications take advantage of this ability to work effectively off-line and then sync up once back online.

I am looking forward to my Flex/AIR sessions.

Max Europe T-0

I probabaly shouldn't be writing this now, as its approximately 3am Monday morning...

So anyway I picked up my name badge and free "biker bag" at Max and met up with Chris Schmidt the Manager of Munich CFUG along with the winner of the Munich cfug Max give-away Karl Schaubmair. Karl ended up being the type of guy you end up having the last drink at 3am in the morning with..thats another story..

They were still setting up the main conference room when I picked up my badge and I expect they would be working late into the night to get it finished by morning. I wonder if they have as much trouble typing right now as I do... damn Austrians have a pretty good constitution after all ...

Max Europe T-1

Yesterday I took an exceedingly early flight out of Munich to Barcelona (7:25am is just to early a flight!).


Max Europe Sold Out!

Well not really but with only 18 openings to go and 6 days before the start it is going to happen!


6 days to Max

Flights confirmed, Hotel confirmed, all that is left to do now is bring up the suntan lotion, luggage, and beach wear from the basement. Oh yes and pack :(


Adobe AIR Derby Winners

Adobe announced the winners of the AIR Derby

The Grand Prize winner Agile Agenda is the type of project that we all need and wished we had built.

We all use MS Project because well its the defacto project scheduler and, I am sure, we all equally hate the damn thing Well Marc put his hate to good use, where as a lot of us, myself included wanted and even perhaps planned to build something better but didn't get around to doing it.

You can download an open beta copy of Agile Agenda and take if for a test ride. It's relatively easy to use and you can also view the demo videos provided on the site.

Keep in mind that it is still Beta and I am sure now that Marc has won the Derby he will be adding more and more features.

Congratulations Marc!

I have Max envy..

I have to admit it. I have Max envy.

It's now 14:30 Monday Munich time or 8:30am Max time. Folks are probably finishing up their 3rd cup of Joe getting ready to take part in the first session of the day. And here I am sitting in my office actually working (well not right now of course I'm writing this, but you get the idea).


Chicago Max Sold Out

Just in from Ben Forta's blog the Chicago Max 2007 conference has been sold out!

Apparently its the first time in 9 years that they have sold out. I would say this definitely bodes well for the adobe community!

Now I wonder what the attendance levels are like for the European and Asian Max conferences. I haven't seen any numbers posted on the Max in Barcelona yet.

Hopefully someone at Adobe will be giving us those numbers within the next week or so as Barcelona Max starts on the 15th of October.

MAX2007, Barcelona and Me

It's kind of funny, while I have been at several technology conferences in Washington DC I have never actually gotten excited about a conference before (well except for the Salsa Conference in LA in 2000 but thats another story) like I am for the Adobe Max Conference.


Adobe Max2007 Europe Speakers

I took a look at the speaker list for the European Adobe Max2007 yesterday and while it's still quite a ways off it's still pretty full.


Adobe Max Europe Schedule

I completed my registration today and spent a bit of time figuring out what I am going to be doing when I am there. They created this little scheduler application that allows me to organize my time. Very Handy!

As you can see my plate is relatively full. I have spent quite a bit of time working on my own with CF8 and the Ajax theme that I passed on most of the CF related sessions in favor of Flex, AIR and Lifecycle DS sessions.

I also signed up for the all day hands on training on Thursday that focuses on AIR.

I am really looking forward to the sessions and to finally meeting some of the Adobe Community! This will also be my first time in Spain and am also, naturally, looking forward to it as well!

Happy Coding...

Adobe Max Europe

Dear Mr. Gary Gilbert,

Thank you!

You have successfully pre-registered for Adobe MAX Europe 2007. When online registration is open, you will be able to use the Early Bird promotion code below to register for the conference.


This bonus code qualifies you to receive the Early Bird discount during the entire online registration period -- saving you 15% on the regular registration fee. Terms and Conditions apply.*

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Barcelona, Spain in October!

Your Adobe MAX Europe 2007 Team

Need I say more?

Adobe Max Europe Pre-Registration

If you haven't already done so, now is your chance to pre-register for the European Adobe MAX Convention in Barcelona Spain.

It is the first MAX taking place in Europe and I sure hope it's not going to be the last. I have mentioned in the past that Coldfusion is a "fringe" technology choice here in Germany. More marketing efforts are needed in order to get the word out that Coldfusion and the rest of the adobe line-up are Enterprise level choices for businesses.

So what are you waiting for go sign up already!

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