Some thoughts on MAX2008

Max2008 in Milan is over for me now, I arrived home at just after 2am in the morning after spending only 8 hours on the bus this time, and a few things went through my mind on the drive home.


Where is my CFDude Shirt?

You know the "CFDude" from the Adobe Air launch poster? I've seen him on a T-Shirt here, Ben Forta. I asked Ben how I could get a T-Shirt and he said that they are not available here at Max Europe 2008.


Max Day 1 or Evangelists are People too

I sat in on the Air Boot Camp yesterday that was being presented by Duane Nicull (fellow Canadian) and James Ward. After the session I had the pleasure of chatting with both James and Duane with a few other Evangelists and speakers over a beer before the "birds of a feather" session.


The Never-ending Journey

Well the Max bus ended up taking slightly longer to get to Max than first planned. After the delayed pickup of one hour (arrival time in Munich 11:30pm). We had to make a pit stop by the Adobe office in Munich before hitting the road sometime after midnight.


Get on the Bus, Guss

It's 7:15pm here in Munich, temperature around 7Celcius and I just finished packing for Max. I just need to shut my laptop down and then all will be ready. The bus has about a hour delay as of my last check. Apparently the plan is to show the entire original Star Wars trilogy (Hopefully in OV and not dubbed). Looks like it's going to be a long night.

Max Europe 08 Attendance Numbers

So now that I am actually going to make I'm taking a bit more of an interest in how things are progressing. We already know that MAX America was a success and was again sold out, if I recall correctly.


Going to Milan (Max Europe)!

Well it looks like I will be heading to Max this year after all, much to my surprise and pleasure. Like last year it was my first time in Barcelona this year I will get to experience a little of Milan


Max Europe Registration Open

If you haven't yet heard the news you can now register to attend Max Europe. I received an email yesterday afternoon telling me I had priority registration because I was an attendee last year.


New Adobe Max Site

The site for the next Aobe Max is now up with the list of host cities.


Adobe Max Europe 2008 Location Announced

According to this post by Ben Forta, the European Max 2008 will take palce in Milan Italy starting on Monday December 1st!

I personally think its a bit late in the year but I haven't yet been to Milan so any excuse to go is also a reason to go.

Ben promised more details soon!

Happy Coding..

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