Solaris 10 No Longer Free

On Tuesday I read an article in the German IT news portal indicating that Sun Oracle has changed the licensing agreement for Solaris 10. It will no longer be free after a 90 day evaluation period, if you wish to continue using the OS you must sign a service contract. Unfortunately I don't know how much the service contract is but the days of free Solaris are over.


Creating a Multi-Instance Railo Install with Tomcat

If you want to run multiple instance of Railo on a single server then keep reading because I am going to show you how to do just that using a single physical Tomcat and Railo install.


You will need to have the latest Java JDK installed, then grab Tomat 6 zip, and Railo 3.1.2 Jars.

Once you have downloaded the required files we can begin.


Railo Whitespace Management

A little while ago a reader sent me a message asking me if I had any problems with whitespace and carriage returns on BlogCFC under Railo.


Now Powered by Railo 3.1.2

I've been running the enterprise version of Railo 3.0 for some time now and have finally decided to upgrade to 3.1.2. Since Railo has moved to open-source there is no longer any development on the closed source branch and no way to do an automatic upgrade via the upgrade button in the Administrator.

What I am about to describe is quite possibly the most difficult upgrade procedure known to mankind.


Closure Tools - Free Javascript Tools from Google

Google recently released a 3 JavaScript tools which they are calling Closure Tools. These tools have helped Google to create software like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Maps. The decision for Google to release these tools as open-source could be a boon to many developers.


Mango Blog Test Drive

Last night I downloaded Mango Blog and did a local install to take it for a test drive. I've been using BlogCFC since I started this blog and it has served me well so far, but the Mango Blog interface is just so much better.


Ext JS 3.0 Final Released

I posted a little while ago that Ext JS 3.0 was available, well that was not the final release. Ext announced today on their blog yesterday that the final release of 3.0 is now available for download.


Extending Built-in Functions in Railo

I'm not sure how I missed this blog entry by Todd Raferty on the Railo Blog, but this is definitely worth mentioning again.


Apollo 11 Flight-Control Code Released

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing part of the navigation systems source code has been released to the public via Google code.


Wordpress Vulnerability

If you are using wordpress on your site you may want to check out the vulnerability report on CoreLabs.


Railo Documentation

If you have been playing with Railo lately you may have noticed that the Railo Wiki is still a tad meger. Well all that is soon to change.


Railo is Open-Source So Now What?

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have read that the alternative CFML engine Railo has released their much anticipated version 3.1 as open-source under jBoss.


Railo 3.1 Now Available!

After the announcement at last years Scotch on the Rocks that Railo would be going open source, and be included as a project, the day has finally arrived.

Railo Goes Open-Source


Open Source Beer

This isn't about Software that is free "as in beer" this is really about beer that is Open Source.


Railo 3 on SUSE 10 VM with Apache2 and Tomcat

I must admit that it was a bit of a struggle for me to get this all working. It ended up taking quite a few frustrating hours first trying to get mod_caucho to compile on SUSE 10 before I gave up and switch tack and went with Tomcat.


Wikipedia Raises 6 Million

In a thank you note from wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales he thanks the many donors for helping to raise over 6 million dollars to support wikimedia's continuing operations for 2009.


Installing Railo 3 on Linux (CentOS): Part 1

In a previous post I alluded to how I learn by doing and generally go about it the "hard way". What I learn while sometimes being frustrating tends to settle in my brain and stay longer than if it was a piece of cake. It also allows me to then share with you what I learned and hopefully make life a little bit easier for you. Not everyone likes to do things the hard way.


Railo 3 to become part of JBoss

Well the guys at Scotch really got a real news sweep on the rest of us. I first saw Seans blog entry about Railo 3 and then Rays and I'm still a little flabbergasted.

That makes two open source initiatives of CFML Engines this year, first Open BD and now Railo.


Animation on the Grid

I read an interesting article the other day about an open movie project by the blender foundation (creators of a free open source 3D content creation suite). They used Sun's Grid computing (similar to Amazons Cloud) to render the entire movie.


First Impressions: Intalio BPMS

I arrived relatively late last night from Frankfurt after the 2 day Intalio training. Unfortunately just as things really started to get interesting for me. I wasn't actually supposed to attend the training and ended up being the last minute stand-in.

If I would have booked the training I would have stayed for the 3rd day, which started to get more into the advanced things. I already have some experience with a closed source BPM system called Inubit which seemed to transfer rather well to Intalio and made me a bit impatient to get deeper into the weeds so to speak.

BPMN 1.1


NACFCMS (Not Another CF CMS)

It seems to me that this year is the Year of open source CF CMS's. Ben Forta recently made us aware of ColdBricks open source CF CMS, and now I have stumbled upon Sava CMS. I think it's a great sign to see all of these open source CFM projects coming out, especially in the crowded CMS market.


JFree Chart Custom Tag update

A new version of the Jfree Chart custom tag is up on riaforge.

Added MX7 support which resulted in requiring a cacheDirectory to write the charts. Without the cfimage tag I had to create the ability to manage the images "manually" so added cacheDirectory and maxCacheSize attributes which does the management for you.

If someone out there still have a MX6 server where they can drop in the JFree jars into the CF class path and test it for me that would be great, also would be interested to see if it runs on Railo.

Happy Charting...

Stepping into Open Source

Just before Christmas I took a course "Building Analytical Solutions with Pentaho" (If you haven't heard of Pentaho it's an open source Business Intelligence Suite). Of particular importance to the clients of the company I work for are the ETL and Reporting tools.

While I was a little disappointed in the class itself the suite of tools are quite impressive, what makes it even more interesting is the fact that it's opens source and free (They do have a variety of support options available).

Yesterday I started an integration exercise. Since the entire Pentaho suite is built with Java the question is how easy/difficult will it be to integrate the reporting engine into an existing Coldfusion Application, specifically the self service reporting.

This is going to prove to be an interesting learning experience for sure

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