A New Chapter

Friday is my last day with my current employer, who happens to also be my first employer in Germany.


Twitter and Facebook hit by DOS

If you were wondering about the Twitter outtage today well wonder no longer, apparently Twitter was hit by a DOS attack. According to the twitter statuspage, the attack started around 10am EST, and as of last update they are still defending against it.



Ok so I'm a little behind the times. I'm not all that big on the whole social networking thing, sure I have a facebook account but thats mostly to keep up with family, and yes I also have a coldfusion community account, linkedIn and xing account but I drew the line at twitter for some reason. That was until I read Rey Bango's blog post.


Adobe Munich Sponsors Girl Geek Dinner

Yes folks you read that right Germany too has chapters of "Girl Geek Dinner", and this time Adobe is sponsoring it in Munich.


Microsoft pay $240 million for 1.6%

Looks like Microsoft is finally anteing up and joining in on the social networking revolution by paying $240 million for a measly 1.6% of facebook, according to this wired news story.



I just signed up to MyFeedz to give their "Social Newspaper" a whirl. They say they are currently indexing over 440,000 articles

Added the most important tags for me that being: coldfusion, adobe, air, apollo, flex, flash, actionscript, Ext, ajax.

Thats quite enough to keep a guy busy reading practically the whole day.

I will need to be careful not to keep it open and get sucked into it during work hours.

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